Favourite Smoothie: 2 ways

This smoothie is beautifully creamy and the perfect post-workout reward as the protein-rich peanut butter and sweet banana make it perfect for replenishing your body after exercise.

I’ve created two options (one green, one brown) with a single tweak – the addition of cacao for a more indulgent-tasting version. If you’re using cacao, then it’s a great post-workout boost as it’s high in magnesium which is good for your bones and muscles. It’s also vegan, free from refined sugars, sweeteners and dairy, and it’s ideal for satisfying any sweet cravings!


Serves 1


1 frozen banana

250ml almond milk or water (or half of each)

1 tbsp cacao powder for a choconutty smoothie (optional)

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 cube frozen spinach or 1 handful fresh spinach – I promise you can’t taste it at all, it’s just a way of sneaking in some extra greens!

Method: Blend everything together and serve.

Lauren x




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