Beet berry smoothie bowl

This smoothie is not only a beautiful colour, but it’s also bursting with antioxidants. Beetroots are full of iron, calcium and folic acid (good for the heart), ginger is great for immunity and the cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar levels. The mild-tasting spinach is disguised by the vibrant colour of beetroot, so don’t be put off sneaking in those greens. Although this is a smoothie, I prefer to eat mine out of a bowl (specifically my strawberry-shaped and painted bowl) with a spoon because it means that I eat it more slowly and I’m able to stop before I feel too full. If you do drink this with a straw, make sure to do it slowly! If this makes more than you can eat in one go, store the rest in the fridge for a snack.


Serves 1


1 beetroot, scrubbed and chopped (Tip: for a less grainy and more smooth texture, steam the beetroot first)

50g blueberries

1 handful spinach

4 cherries, pitted

5cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

1tbsp almond butter

Juice of 1 lime

1tsp cinnamon

4 ice cubes

100ml water

Optional: almonds, more blueberries and cherries, to top


Blend everything together in a high-speed blender and top with extra almonds, blueberries and cherries if wanted.


Lauren x



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