Breakfast Pizza

Hi everyone! So today is my last day of freedom- i.e school starts tomorrow and I start working towards my AS levels. I’ve been able to use some of my holiday to come up with new recipes, but now that it’s over, I won’t be able to post as frequently. I have a few more posts coming up, and I’ll definitely use every opportunity I have to cook- rest assured there will be plenty of #Procrastibaking !

Introducing an Italian twist on the classic omelette; a delicious healthy version of pizza- for breakfast. Although I do enjoy the occasional sweet breakfast, I find that starting my day with a high-protein savoury breakfast means that I get fewer cravings and eat less fruit and therefore less sugar, throughout the day. The base is basically an omelette, whilst the topping is what gives the pizza element. This “pizza” is low in carbohydrates, and packed with veggies and protein. I would recommend making the tomato sauce in advance, as it will only take five minutes to heat up in the morning and you can store the rest in the fridge for meals throughout the week.



Serves 1


For the base:

1/2tsp butter

2 eggs

Splash of your milk of choice- I use Almond milk

Herbes de Provence, to taste

Black pepper and salt, to taste

For the topping:

My homemade tomato sauce

1/4 buffalo mozzarella ball, chopped or 20g cheddar, grated

Topping Suggestions: Ham, anchovies, olives, fresh basil

1/2 avocado, rocket or other salad leaves, to serve



1.) If you haven’t made it already, start by making the tomato sauce.

2.) Turn the grill on to high and whisk together the eggs, milk, herbs and seasoning in a jug.

3.) Melt the butter in a frying pan and pour the egg mixture in. At the same time, gently heat up the prepared tomato sauce in a saucepan.

4.) Once the bottom of the egg base has cooked (test this by sliding a spatula around the edges of it), pop it under the grill for 2 minutes until the surface is set.

5.) Remove the pan from the grill and top with the tomato sauce, cheese and your choice of toppings. Return to the grill for 1 minute until the cheese has melted.

6.) Remove the pan from the grill and serve with the avocado and rocket, if using.


Lpizza2auren x




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