Review: SoulCycle

Think: Cycling as fast as you can in a nightclub. Don’t think: Ha, easy. I visited SoulCycle whilst I was in New York, and it was my first time ever doing a spinning class. Upon entering, you’re greeted with a sweet-smelling candle scent and a calm atmosphere; a complete contrast with the atmosphere within the spinning studio. The instructors are extremely helpful, and will find you the right sized spinning shoes, help you to set up and adjust your bike, and answer any questions you might have.
I was expecting loud music, darkness and fast cycling. I wasn’t wrong about this, but what I hadn’t realised is that the majority of the session would be above the saddle rather than on it- yes, I was a complete newbie. It doesn’t take long to get both of your legs burning and for the sweat to start pouring down your face- and I am not a sweaty person. Press-ups on the handle bars, pumping dumbbells whilst pushing through a high resistance and bobbing from side to side in time with the pounding music for 45 minutes is challenging, but it’s so much fun and I managed to pedal my way through with a grin on my face. I know that tough workouts aren’t everyone’s thing, but I love the feeling of sweat, euphoria and sense of achievement you get from pushing yourself and completing the challenge. I found that the loud music and instructions from the enthusiastic instructors ensured that motivation never left me and helped to boost my energy. I came out of the class feeling energised and buzzing, and eager to return. And return I did.

However, although I loved the experience, spinning classes like SoulCycle will not be a regular occurrence for me due to pricing; it’s $20 for your first class and then all the rest are $34 – about £23.

But, if it does appeal to you or if you’re visiting New York, I would definitely recommend giving a class a go! If you’re based in England, Psycle classes are the equivalent to SoulCycle.

Thanks for reading!

Lauren x

Note: Photo credit for the SoulCycle logo belongs to SoulCycle.


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