New York: A summary of healthy eats

As I only recently got back from New York, I wanted to share my guide to healthy eating in the Big Apple and to show you all of the places that I discovered or recognised. I hope you enjoy it! 

Peacefood Café:

An amazing vegan café serving salads, soups, sandwiches and delicious cakes and bakes free from refined sugars. Read my full review here.


Another vegan café serving smoothies and juices, soups and raw food. I try to drink low-fructose juices to avoid blood sugar spikes, so I chose ‘Mother Earth’ (the hardcore green juice made with only veggies). This place is good for a quick snack, meal or drink but be careful when you’re choosing something, especially the smoothies- almost all of them contain agave syrup which, although unrefined, is still 80% fructose and therefore best to avoid. In my opinion it’s unnecessary to add it to so many things, especially a smoothie which already contains high fructose fruits such as pineapple or mango!

Ocean Grill:

We came here on our last night and thank goodness we did- I was absolutely blown away. The combination of a friendly atmosphere and delicious food made for a fantastic evening. This restaurant serves a wide range of seafood and a few other options. I had a gorgeous roasted rainbow trout on a bed of greens and with roasted celeriac, which was absolutely delicious.


Maison Kayser:

A nice French café offering pastries, sandwiches, cakes, teas and meals. We went there for breakfast a couple of times, I tried the avocado on quinoa toast with feta and scrambled eggs, and the poached egg served on top of piperade (tomato-pepper) sauce with serrano ham on toast. Quite pricey, and relatively small portions, but very tasty.

Bird Bath Bakery:

Look past the rows of huge cakes and cookies, and you’ll see a salad bar similar in style to Wholefoods (but much smaller in scale!) They also serve hot food and sandwiches. I got a mixture of salads; kale, chicken and sweetcorn salad, broccoli salad, curried cauliflower and chickpea salad, and roasted sweet potato. It was all perfectly tasty and nutritious, and good for lunch on the go.

Convenience Eats:

These are places that you know of already and aren’t exclusive to New York. I’m listing them here only in cases of convenience – quick pit-stop places where you know what you’re getting.

Le Pain Quotidien:

Yes, you already know this one. It’s always nice to find somewhere familiar in a different country, and LPQ is great for a quick meal. However, as you’ll know if you’ve ever been, portions are fairly small and rather overpriced (about $10 for a pot of soup!) Their salads are mainly just bowls of leaves and not very exciting, but their hot food is lovely. I ordered their Butternut squash and goat’s cheese frittata and it was absolutely delicious. They also offer sweet options, such as oatmeal with fruit and nuts.

Pret a Manger:

If you’re out shopping and hunger strikes and you need to grab something fast, then another familiar face is Pret a Manger. I won’t bother writing anything about Pret, other than it is quick, reliable and mostly very nutritious. I grabbed a Moroccan lentil soup and peppermint tea whilst out.

Thanks for reading!

Lauren x


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