An interview with Plantbased Pixie

Hi everyone,

Recently I was lucky enough to find out a bit more about Pixie Turner, the food-blogger, scientist and nutritionist-in-training best known as @plantbased_pixie on Instagram. Pixie is passionate about nutrition and the science behind it, and is well-known for her wonderful description of a nutritious, colourful and veggie-filled plate – the #pixieplate that dominates the healthy-eating community on Instagram. She also has some amazing recipes and is extremely talented at food styling and photography, as you’ll see below!

I hope you’ll find her just as inspiring as I do. Thank you for your time, Pixie! I hope you all enjoy reading the interview.

Lauren x

NOTE: All pictures belong to @plantbased_pixie

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1.) What inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog after I kept getting requests on Instagram for my recipes. I was a bit nervous about it at first, but with a little persuasion from friends I decided to take the leap.

2.) What is your approach to healthy eating?

I take a mainly plant-based approach to health eating – I think eating mainly fruits and vegetables is likely the healthiest way – with an emphasis on home cooked food and (most importantly) balance!



3.) The role of science plays a big part in your interest in nutrition and on the blog. Why is this?

As I’ve watched the health industry grow over the past years the amount of misinformation and pseudoscience has also grown with it. I think with the growth of Instagram people just don’t question what they read enough, and there isn’t enough evidence-based science in the industry anymore. As I come from a science background I feel I have a responsibility to encourage a more scientific approach.


4.) What is your favourite place to eat out in London?

At the moment, probably Ethos as there’s so much choice and it’s all so delicious! I do also love chipotle, especially on a Friday night after the pub 🙂



5.) What is your favourite ingredient/snack/meal and why?

Avocado! I’m a bit addicted, and I have it every day almost without fail.


6.) What kind of recipes do you like creating the most- sweet or savoury?

Definitely savoury, I feel there’s so many more options, and seeing as there’s so many amazing chocolate companies out there I prefer to enjoy those and spend longer making a delicious dinner.


7.) What do you make time for every day?

I make the time to talk to my mother every day, even if it’s just a quick text to see how her day has been.


8.) What types of exercise do you like to do?

At the moment I’ve become addicted to Insanity workouts, as well as weight training and HIIT.


9) How did the idea for your customised-plate business come about?

I love Emma Bridgewater crockery, but seeing as the plates say “bacon and egg” it felt a bit weird to be using that! So I looked into how to make my own, and it all started from there! I find it really enjoyable and relaxing; some people have colouring books, I have my plates!


10.) You have your own hashtag, #Pixieplate on Instagram. What is the intention behind this hashtag?

I hope to inspire people to eat more vegetables on a daily basis, but it’s also a way for me to connect with those who are kind enough to follow me on Instagram, which is the best part about social media!


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