An Interview with Cat Meffan

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If you haven’t heard of Cat Meffan, the talented health and fitness blogger, jewellery designer and soon-to-be yoga teacher behind the blog Imperfect Matter, then you’re missing out.

I’ve been following Cat on Instagram for quite a while, and I’m constantly inspired by her stream of beautiful photos and uplifting captions. I was lucky enough to meet her recently at the Boom Cycle event I attended on Sunday, and she’s as lovely in real life as she appears on social media. Here I’ve caught up with Cat to find out a bit more about her health and fitness lifestyle. Thank you Cat!

You can check out Cat’s blog here or find her on Instagram at @catmeffan to receive your daily dose of inspiration.

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Photo: Women’s Health UK

1.) When did you first become interested in fitness?

I grew up as a gymnast and dancer, so sport has always been a big part of my life. I loved P.E at school and planned to go to dance school until I had a knee injury and reconstruction. About 5/6 years ago I decided to get my fitness mojo back and I’ve been on it ever since.

2.) What do you normally eat pre- and post-workout?

I don’t really have a ‘go-to’ meal or snack, as my workouts happen at varied times. I do enjoy an early morning workout, so pre-workout I won’t have anything (possibly a mug of warm water & lemon) and then post workout I’ll have my green breakfast smoothie.


3.) What makes you feel motivated to workout?

I think I’m naturally quite a motivated person and because I love fitness and wellbeing, it rarely feels like a chore. Obviously there are some mornings when I need to get my butt out of bed at 6am and go for a run, so in times of need I scroll through my Instagram feed and find my inspiration and motivation there.


4.) What is your favourite place to eat out in London?

Breakfast and brunch is totally my thing! I’ll go anywhere with great avocado & poached eggs… so places like Raw Duck in Hackney, Ethos & The Riding House Cafe are up there with the best of them.


5.) What is your favourite ingredient/snack/meal and why?

Tough one – I love so much food! Avocado is hardly an inventive one, but I do just really love it and probably eat way too much. I also love asparagus, I could happily eat it with every meal.

6.) What do you make time for every day?

I try to make time for 10 minutes of meditation every day, sometimes when I wake up, or part of a yoga class or simply when my eyes have had enough of my phone and laptop.


7.) If you had to choose one, which fitness class would you recommend trying in London?

I recommend getting out of your comfort zone and maybe trying a circus skills class – being upside down is so fun! I did some great classes with Flying Fantastic. And of you don’t fancy that, Barry’s Bootcamp is my best friend when I’m in need of an epic sweat!


8.) What’s an example of your exercise regime for a typical week?

At the moment I have to practice yoga 6 times a week for my course, so that’s my priority. On top of that I’m doing 2-3 resistance workouts and 1-2 runs. It’s a busy week!

9.) What is your favourite fitness clothing brand?

 This is the hardest question, as I’m a sucker for fitness fashion. If I had to pick only one brand, it would be Nike based on having fitness wear for every occasion at not too ridiculous prices. My Nike trainer collection is getting a bit out of hand!


10.) Finally, I know you’re training to be a yoga teacher so what is your favourite yoga pose?

I’ve never thought about having a favourite posture, but lately I’ve been throwing myself into forearm balances at every opportunity, so we’ll go for that. I recently made a video about strengthening the arms for arm balances, so if anyone wants to master them I recommend giving it a watch.

You can watch Cat’s video here.

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