An Interview with Zanna Van Dijk

Introducing: Zanna Van Dijk, the London-based fitness blogger who’s currently taking the fitness world by storm. I’ve been following Zanna for quite a while on Instagram and it really is amazing to see her achievements. She’s the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s sportswear collection, the latest Adidas workouts, has a 102k following on Instagram, her own activewear collection and a book in the works (to name a few).

Zanna truly is an inspiring figure; she shares her progress from skinny to strong across her social media, provides you with endless quick and healthy meal ideas and of course workout videos for when you’re feeling low on motivation. It’s also her ability to appear “real” that enables us followers to identify with her that appeals – yes, she eats chocolate too!

Having attended a talk by Zanna on how to grow a blog at Be:Fit last weekend, I thought it would be great to share a bit more information about Zanna on the blog. Enjoy!

Note: All photos belong to Zanna Van Dijk.

1.) What inspired you to start your blog and social media?

I started it due to finding that my passion for health and fitness was not shared by my friends and family. I wanted to connect with other people who had the same interests as me. I soon became completely absorbed in the online fitness community.

2.) What’s your favourite type of training and why?

Lifting weights and boxing are my two favourites. Both allow you to sculpt your body while feeling like a total badass.

3.) You have us drooling over your social media with your food snaps – especially the nut butter and chocolate-covered zoats – what is your favourite ingredient/snack/meal and why?

Plot twist…My favourite meal is actually not zoats! I actually love fajita chicken with mashed avocado all shoved in a wrap. Protein, fats, carbs, lots of flavour. What’s not to love?

 4.) You are everywhere at the moment – you have your own activewear line, you’re the new female face of the Tommy Hilfiger sportswear collection and of the latest Adidas workouts, AND you have a book on the way – what would you say your biggest achievement is?

Well thank you! I would say the book deal was pretty much one of the biggest moments so far. However, on reflection my biggest achievement of all was being on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine. Not only was it amazing for me, but it was a huge step forward for social media influencers as a whole – as no Sunday supplement publication had ever used a Fitness Instagrammer as the cover star prior to that.

5.) You’re a huge inspiration to so many (approximately 102k on Instagram!) – If there was one piece of advice you could give to any female in the health and fitness industry, what would it be?

It would be to find what works for them. Everyone does their own thing – some track macros, others eat intuitively. Some lift weights, others do endurance cardio. Don’t look at someone else and copy them. Try different things, see what you enjoy and what gets you the results you want, then stick with it.

If, in the unlikely event that you are not one of those 102k Instagram followers, you can follow Zanna on:





Snapchat: Zanzapan

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  1. 9th May 2016 / 4:31 pm

    Great post Lauren! So cool that you were able to find all this out, maybe one day you’ll be as successful as her! True inspiration!

    • Lauren
      9th May 2016 / 8:56 pm

      Thank you! She’s such an inspiration to me X

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