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Last Monday morning I headed to my local park for an early morning HIIT session with Charlie Whiteley, founder of Fithiit. Fithiit offers 30 minute personal training sessions based on high intensity interval training (HIIT), either 1-to-1 or in slightly larger groups. The advantages that Fithiit have over gyms or similar services are that it’s a pay-as-you-go service and the trainer will come to you. All you have to do is choose one of their personal trainers, a time and location and book online or through their app. Your chosen trainer will then contact you just before your session to let you know the exact meeting point.

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When I turned up to the session, I was very impressed to see how much equipment was available – it was like a little outdoor gym! Charlie had brought battle ropes, TRX bands, resistance bands, boxing gloves, a medicine ball and a mat. The workout itself was composed of several circuits using both bodyweight exercises and the equipment. The session combined cardio and resistance exercises and I found my heart racing and legs burning (you try crab walking with a resistance band around your ankles). There were burpees, battle ropes, sprints, squats… There was such a wide variety of exercises that it was impossible to be bored and it made it much more challenging, which I really liked.


I thought Charlie was very friendly, confident, and extremely informative and helpful when demonstrating the exercises. He was able to quickly and effectively adapt the workout and, as someone who usually trains alone, I found it really motivating to have someone encouraging me throughout the session. 


With its pay-as-you-go appeal, Fithiit is an ideal option if you have a busy lifestyle and are unable to commit to a gym membership or a regular class. Its flexibility means that you’re able to workout when you can and you’re guaranteed an effective and high-quality workout from them. Whether you’re looking to get fit or to find a flexible training service, I would highly recommend Fithiit. To find out more about Fithiit, take a look at their site here.


Photos: Charlie Whiteley, Fithiit


Thank you to Charlie and the Fithiit team for having me!


Lauren x


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