An Interview With Natalie Glaze

With an Instagram feed that will make you green with envy; travel, food and fitness blogger Natalie Glaze is one to watch. By sharing gorgeous pictures of healthy food, glimpses into her fitness regime and stunning sunny backdrops, Natalie’s feed promotes a healthy lifestyle and will have you craving matcha lattes, poolside pilates and green smoothies in no time at all. Here I’ve caught up with Natalie to find out more about her lifestyle, her favourite health spots and advice. Follow her on her Instagram or Twitter, and check out her beautiful blog here.

Note: All photos belong to @NatalieGlaze

1.) What inspired you to start your travel, food and fitness social media account, @natalieglaze ?

I’ve always loved writing and taking beautiful pictures so I suppose my blog and social accounts were a natural progression from this. I have always been that annoying person taking pictures of my food before I even had my blog! My blog and social media has slowly found its own style and progressed from being very foodie to being more lifestyle-esque. With this new lifestyle angle came the travel blogging which started off as mainly health and fitness retreats and has now expanded into travel in general. I love travelling and being able to explore the world as part of my blog makes it even more enjoyable. I never had any long term goals or any idea where my blog would go when I started it so it’s been an amazing experience and watching it evolve and finding my feet has been such a great experience. I am excited to see where it goes next.

2.) What are your favourite healthy eating and fitness spots in London?

We are so lucky in London to have so many amazing options, I love trying out new healthy eating spots and my current favourites are Timber Yard for a great Matcha Latte, Ethos or The Detox Kitchen for amazing healthy food. Then fitness wise I am currently obsessed with Another Space in covent garden as it does hot yoga, HIIT and spin classes so has the perfect mix. I also really recommend Studio Lagree and Heartcore Pilates.

3.) You’re currently training to become a pilates instructor – what do you enjoy most about pilates?

I love Pilates, I think for me it’s so important to find exercise which you enjoy so it’s not a chore. I love how Pilates especially reformer Pilates challenges my body and never gets boring. It’s also so great for posture and core strength!


4.) What does a typical day look like for you?

I don’t really have a typical day to be honest as no day is really the same for me some days you will find me running from meeting to meeting in London, other days working with my laptop from a good coffee shop and then I also work freelance for a social consultancy agency so some days I am in an office. So very varied but it keeps things fun! I always try and fit in a workout whether it be an early morning or lunchtime class, working out for me is my switch off time of the day so I always schedule one in.



5.) As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, where has your favourite travel location been and why?

It’s always hard choosing a favourite destination as they are all so unique and different in their own way. However I would have to say Ibiza is my favourite place ever. There is something about the island that makes me fall in love with it every time I visit. I think a lot of people have a view of Ibiza as simply a party island There are large aspects of this that are apparent here, but it has so much more than just that. The health and wellness scene is huge and it’s a really magical place. Each time I go I contemplate packing up London life and spending my days hiking around the island doing yoga and sunbathing…It’s very tempting!



6.) Do you have a top tip for staying healthy while travelling?

I am lucky enough to be able to incorporate fitness and travel lots by going to lots of amazing health retreats. These are one of my favourite kind of trips as you get to get away, relax and recharge but also workout and eat healthily so you come back feeling amazing. For me the perfect holiday is one where you are active and health/fitness plays a big part. When I go away for a non-fitness trip I always make sure I incorporate some kind of activity such as going for a jog down the beach front, going to the hotels gym for a quick workout or even a hike so my top tip would be stay active. But I am all about balance so there would definitely be a few indulgent meals and cocktails on the agenda too….naturally.


7.) What is your favourite way of treating yourself?

I love dark chocolate so a cup of tea and a bar of dark chocolate makes me a very happy person.


8.) What do you make time for every day?

Breakfast is a non-negotiable for me, I just can’t function without food, and if I am pushed for time I whip up a green smoothie. If I have a more leisurely morning I often go for avocado on rye bread and scrambled eggs. Then exercise – again I try and make time for most days this can be any kind of movement whether it be just walking to all my meetings so I get to stretch my legs, or doing an exercise class or going on a run.


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