4 HIIT bodyweight workouts

As part of my content for the #Fabletics21 campaign, I chose to share a few workouts on my Instagram. I am a big advocate of HIIT circuit workouts which, for me, are usually between 30-45 minutes long, although the longer ones tend to involve less cardio and more resistance work. These 4 workouts are a little shorter and much easier to fit into a busy routine, but you can always increase the number of rounds you do if you feel you want to sweat for longer! Once I’m a qualified personal trainer (I’m doing my course over the summer) and have a little more time on my hands, I’ll share a few more workouts and hopefully get some clients to train!

Each workout requires minimal equipment, is made up of 4-5 moves and the format for each workout is 40s on, 20s rest. For each workout go for 3-4 rounds (around 15-20 minutes). I use the app Seconds which is a great timer designed for various workout formats, including HIIT.

  • Lower body + cardio:

  1. X-hops
  2. Crab walk with resistance band
  3. Split squat jumps
  4. Bulgarian split squat
  5. Other side of Bulgarian split squat
  6. Lunge jumps




  • Arms + abs:

  1. Press-up + rotation
  2. Supine bicycle crunches
  3. Snap jumps
  4. Rotating plank dips
  5. Plank toe-taps



  • Another abs + arms:

  1. Burpee + 2 x spiderman press-ups
  2. Declining mountain climbers
  3. Split plank jumps
  4. Press-up + alternating leg needle-through



  • Full body blast:

  1. 180° squat jumps
  2. Press-up + opposite toe-tap
  3. Star squat jumps
  4. Tricep dips
  5. Mountain climbers



Have fun sweating!


Lauren x










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