Personal Training Course: Week 2: Exams, stress & too much ice cream

Last week was one very intense week for me. I had my first 2 theory exams and 1 practical exam which I needed to pass in order to achieve my Level 2 qualification and, unfortunately, my practical exam landed on the same day as my A-Level Results Day, which meant that my stress levels were a little too high for my liking.


The week started with first aid – I am now fully capable of resuscitating plastic dummies and hopefully humans if the training has paid off. The rest of the week was spent doing our Level 2 exams. I’m going to be honest – the theory papers were the easiest papers I have ever been given in my life. Just to give you an idea, we were given 1.5 hours to complete 32 multiple-choice questions. It took me 10 minutes, several answer-checks, and a good few minutes wondering if I was missing half of the paper. Whilst there were a couple of questions which I had to stop and think about, and whilst Biology A level was definitely helpful when it came to muscle structure, I found that a lot of the questions were fairly straightforward and required only common sense. Having completed these 2 papers, I returned home to panic about my practical exam and A level results for the following day.


I was fully prepared to go through clearing as, whilst I wasn’t too concerned about my other subjects, Psychology and History, my Biology A-Level had been absolutely appalling – the papers featured a vast amount of maths (not my strong point!), seemingly barely any of the content we’d spent 2 years struggling to learn, incomprehensibly hard questions and several mistakes which led to the exam board issuing a public apology. As you can imagine, my confidence in Biology was unbearably low and I was convinced that it would stop me from achieving the grades I needed to get into my first choice uni.


Nonetheless, Results Day arrived and with it my grades, at 6:30am sharp. I was absolutely thrilled (and shocked!) to see that I had made my first choice, when I had been left wondering if I’d even make my insurance choice. After collecting my results and receiving my confirmation to study nutrition at the University of Surrey, I went straight to my personal training course where I began to prepare for my practical assessment.


In all honesty, I had been feeling really quite unprepared for my practical. As I mentioned in my last post on Week 1, whilst there are plenty of great things about the course, I felt that it lacked guidelines and clarity, and I was left feeling unclear about how the assessment would work right up until the day before it took place, despite my questions and some rather vague answers. Nonetheless, despite how nervous I felt, the assessment went well and I received lots of helpful and positive feedback on my performance, which really encouraged and motivated me to work hard at my course.


It was a hugely exhausting and time-consuming week, where I managed to train only three times and consumed far too much ice cream. I did minimal work for my course over the weekend as I felt so drained yet I also had a very busy weekend, so hopefully distracting myself by seeing friends and family will have helped to recharge my energy levels.

I’m looking forward to Week 3 as we’ll now be starting the personal training aspect of the course and, whilst we’ve been handed an alarming amount of information packs, it all looks very interesting and we’ll also be covering the nutrition module, which I know I’ll enjoy. I’m also desperate to incorporate more training sessions this coming week, so I’ve planned all of that out and I’m hoping to fit it in to this exam-free week.


Thanks for reading and see you next week!



Lauren x



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