An Introduction: Thoughts & Updates

Hey you lot!

Welcome to the first post in the Thoughts & Updates‘ section of my blog. I’ve been calling myself a health + wellbeing blogger for a few years now, with a particular focus on nutrition and fitness, and whilst this still stands true (I’ve almost completed my personal training course and I’m about to begin my Nutrition degree at uni), I wanted to expand my blog to include some of my other passions.

Ever since I was little, I would change what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up’ almost on a daily basis. One day I was adamant that I would be a farmer. The next, a marine biologist, a ballerina, an author, an astronaut, an interior designer… You get the picture. I know it’s not uncommon for kids to do this, but the truth is, I still have all of these interests. I don’t want to confine myself to a single job or talent. I want to do and share all of my interests.

So rather than just focus on food and fitness, I’m going to be calling myself a lifestyle blogger. That way, those of you following me for food and fitness won’t be so confused when you get a post about something completely different! I also love photography, creative writing, reading and general creativity. I hope to publish a book one day. Maybe fiction, maybe non-fiction. Maybe one of each.

There were too many occasions where I wanted to share a photo of something I considered beautiful on my¬†Instagram, but felt that I couldn’t because it didn’t fit with my ‘health’ theme. I didn’t want to run a separate Instagram account, so my Instagram and my blog will now be including photos of other things that I’m interested in.


Thank you to all of you who have been and continue to support my blog, I am truly grateful and looking forward to sharing more content with you.

Lauren x

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    • Lauren
      8th September 2017 / 10:51 am

      Thanks very much Lottie, I’m excited to have more topics to write about! X

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