Interiors: Fresh & Feminine


Welcome to my first public Pinterest interior-based mood board, and the first post belonging to the Interior section of my blog. A theme that I’ve been obsessed with for a little while now is what I like to describe as ‘Fresh and Feminine’: a white basis (including white marble), with shades of soft pink and grey, as well as copper or rose-gold details. I find that a cool shade of white gives such a light, fresh feel to any room, whilst the appearance of delicate shades of pink and grey, as well as the metallic details from the addition of copper, add a warmer, more feminine touch. I’ve been seeing lots of decorative items such as candles, plant pots, desk lamps and jewelry stands with this design and I can’t stop pinning them on Pinterest, so that when I one day have my own place, I’ll be able to make this theme into a reality.

I’ve also included some items from Zoella’s new lifestyle range, which I’ve only just discovered. I think Zoella has a great eye for interiors and outfits, and I truly love her new lifestyle range.

I hope you enjoy browsing!

Lauren x





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