February Highlights & Rambles

Every now & then I like to share posts which aren’t just focused on food or fitness. Welcome to the rambles of a “fitness blogger” in the midst of an identity crisis or category confusion.

I have a few confessions to make: my wardrobe is 90% lycra. I spend more time in gym kit than I do in actual, “normal” clothes, but I am still somewhat interested in style. My limited wardrobe has an even more limited colour scheme of navy, red, white (I know, just call me Tommy-H-fan-on-a-student-budget) and grey. You might find a bit of black in there too. I wear jeans when I don’t wear leggings. I don’t do heels, I do trainers. And that’s why I would probably belong in the Bleachers, as featured in Taylor Swift’s song You Belong With Me, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you clearly missed out on the teenage joy experienced when holding your first ever CD album (Fearless, 2008) bought with your precious pocket money, and again when listening to the overwhelmingly cringe-worthy yet admirably honest lyrics of 17-year old Taylor.

Moving on from teenage Taylor, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite shots from the last couple of weeks. A recurring red theme (favourite colour), plenty of coffee catch-ups, my sister’s birthday celebrations, and family wining & dining.


Pretending I know how to pose (i.e. looking like a tourist) in my girlfriend jeans from H&M and my staple white Nike air max which are often laughed at for being “too clean”. 


The coat that doesn’t come off – I spent forever looking for a red puffa in the perfect shade of red and suitable for a small person, and the only one that matched the description was this one in H&M kids! Apparently you get some big 14-year-olds these days….A bargain at £30 and with a sneaky detachable hood that was made for the unpredictable nature of English weather. 

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My current favourite jumper, also from H&M (not sponsored but totally should be). Thought I was representing Beauty & the Beast (fantastic film in which Emma Watson will make you feel all kinds of jealous – far too much talent for one person in my humble opinion) and which, if you haven’t yet seen,  should lead you to reassess your priorities) but apparently it’s mainly recognised as an English Rose… I also rediscovered the ponytail-plait which I favoured many years ago and it now regularly reappears in my hair routine. Highly recommend if, like me, you lack the skill/mental capacity to do a regular plait from behind or fear the complexity of a fancy French plait.


Carluccio’s Penne Giardiniera, smothered in garlic butter, chilli and shredded courgette, sprinkled with copious spoonfuls of parmesan but outshone by the crispy spinach-bread-ball-things. Best pasta dish out there in my humble and probably very ignorant opinion. Oh, and a Seedlip herbal “gin” mocktail in hand. Nice, but has nothing on the real deal.



Gail’s vegan hot chocolate. Pleasant, but approximately 90% soy milk and 10% chocolate. Stick to coffee, or persuade the staff to reverse the soy milk : chocolate ratio.


A few weeks ago I started work as a part-time trainer at 9Rounds. Luckily, its colour theme works well with that of my wardrobe. Practising balancing in my pistol squat – a move which requires a great degree of single leg strength and flexibility, and one that I practice regularly with different variations.


My go-to snack/brekkie when I’m craving the sweet stuff: a bowl of Skyr mixed with cocoa powder and topped with orange-infused Choc Shot, Pip & Nut smooth peanut butter, granola, crunchy cacao nibs + frozen berries. A solid 10/10


Displaying the grey element of my wardrobe with my well-worn Topshop jeans (always Joni) with my Russell & Bromley boots (hand-me-downs from my Mumma), plain grey sweater (also Topshop) coat from Zara, faux fur gilet (fear not, vegans) from Primark (many years ago, sorry) scarf from Oliver Bonas & leather watch from The Fifth.

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Possibly the best drink I have ever had. (But then again, I haven’t had that many..) I am as loyal to a classic G&T (single, not double) as Bond is to his Martini (shaken, not stirred) However, this passionfruit martini from The Bluebird, Chelsea, was something else…


Big family Burns Night (delayed celebrations) because I’m half-Scottish. Why have one kind of mash when you can have three? And please forgive me, Dad, if preferring vegetarian haggis over the actual, sheep-intestine version, is an offense to the Scottish blood I carry… Seriously though, the veggie stuff is so darn good and should not be restricted to this one day.


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