Review: F45 Wandsworth

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Today I’m back with another review, this time for one of my favourite gyms: F45 Wandsworth. Originating in Australia, F45 classes are based on functional (what the ‘F’ stands for!) exercises, designed to help our bodies perform better in everyday activities. They are all 45 minutes long (clue in the name), with timed stations offering both cardio and weight-bearing exercises that when, performed regularly, are sure to rapidly increase your level of fitness.


Most of us won’t push ourselves to our limits if we train alone. At F45, you will push your limits. The coaches there will motivate you, make sure that your form is constantly on point and keep you pushing yourself throughout the entire 45-minute interval session, meaning that your workout is as effective as it can be.



I did the introductory offer at F45 Wandsworth (2 weeks for £39) over the Christmas period (compensation for all those mince pies?) And I loved it. It’s a great studio with a huge range of equipment and motivational trainers to coach you though it. With a whole range of classes on the timetable, combining resistance and cardio, you get a varied and challenging full-body workout (never the same session) that will get you results, providing you’re consistent and taking care of all the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.



I recently went back to F45 Wandsworth and took the MKATZ class, which I hadn’t done before. It was a resistance-based class (although it will still get your heart rate up) with 9 innocent-enough-looking stations that shouldn’t be underestimated. There were 3 rounds of the circuit and 3 sets on each round based around work: rest ratios. Once we had warmed up, we went straight into the session. We pushed, pulled, pressed, squeezed…no muscle was neglected and trainers Connor and Ben kept us working hard until the end.



With screens showing you the exercises to be performed, it’s straightforward to follow and, if you’re a member wearing your heart rate monitor, having your heart rate shown on a screen will help you to push yourself, making sure that you’re spending plenty of time in that fat-burning zone.



F45 is welcoming to all fitness abilities; whether you’re looking to push those boundaries, get fitter, or shed body fat, its doors are open to everyone. Whilst the exercises might be more challenging for some, it’s up to you how heavy you go with the weights, or how fast you go with your burpees, so they can easily be adapted to suit your current level of fitness. The atmosphere is great; coaches and fellow F45-ers alike are both supportive and encouraging.


F45 also run an 8-week challenge which gives you access to daily meal plans, shopping lists, F45 sessions and helps you to track your progress; making your life easier and helping you to form healthy habits. You can find out a bit more about this here.

To find out more about F45, or to book into a class at F45 Wandsworth, click here.



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