Carbohydrates – sugars that provide our bodies with energy and allow us to function. Carbohydrates aren’t just found in the obvious foods, such as bread or pasta; fruit and vegetables contain carbohydrates and so do dairy… View Post

This is probably my favourite meal – I absolutely love salmon. The Asian-inspired flavours go beautifully with salmon and, when combined with gooey sweet potato wedges and plenty of veggies, it’s simply delicious.

Dahl is my ultimate comfort food. There are various ways to make it- when I spent a couple of weeks doing work experience with the amazing Hemsley sisters over the summer, I was lucky enough to… View Post

This dish actually came about by accident; I made my Open Pancakes the other day and as I was eating it, I thought that the texture was just like pasta- specifically lasagne sheets. And so… View Post

Hi everyone! So today is my last day of freedom- i.e school starts tomorrow and I start working towards my AS levels. I’ve been able to use some of my holiday to come up with… View Post