Porridge is a common comfort food, but sometimes I like to use quinoa for a different texture. Quinoa is gluten-free, but it’s a seed, not a grain, and has a higher protein content than oats. Soaking… View Post

Apple and ginger are often paired together because they are such a delicious flavour combination. Ginger is also a wonderful immune-booster and has anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve used fresh ginger in this recipe because I prefer… View Post

This is a warming and spicy version of porridge which is great for cooler mornings! It’s been approved by my sweet-toothed sister, so here is the recipe.    Ingredients: 1 Chai teabag (I used teapigs,… View Post

I absolutely love my greens and I often find that a dish looks quite dull without them. As I love my savoury breakfasts so much, and thanks to having more time over half-term, I really… View Post

I’ve been experimenting with porridge a lot lately, and I had to find a porridge for the sweet-toothed amongst you! If, like my sister, you can’t face savoury porridge, then this one is for you!… View Post