Breakfast is such a wonderful meal, and I am particularly partial to big bowls of porridge during colder weather. This grain-free porridge is creamy and warming, and the almond extract gives it a slight marzipan… View Post

Kedgeree is a dish that originated in India but came to be a popular breakfast/brunch choice in Britain. Traditionally the dish calls for rice and smoked haddock, but my version uses cauliflower “rice” and smoked mackerel… View Post

This is such a basic recipe and it’s incredibly easy to make. The salmon is a great source of protein and healthy fats, and when paired with my Smoky Sweet Potato Wedges, a good dressing and… View Post

I made this breakfast for my sister after we’d been for a run- it took me less than 10 minutes to make and as the name suggests, it’s packed with protein- perfect for refuelling after… View Post

Cinnamon, when served in a warm dish such as porridge, is one of my ultimate comfort foods. On cooler mornings, or when I feel a bit under the weather, I like to make this for… View Post