Yes, I have actually managed to squeeze 2 vegetables into my low-sugar  ‘sweet’ porridge! After trying ‘zoats’ recently, I’ve never gone back to ordinary porridge- I’m addicted. As I’ve said before, you really can’t taste… View Post

This is probably my favourite meal – I absolutely love salmon. The Asian-inspired flavours go beautifully with salmon and, when combined with gooey sweet potato wedges and plenty of veggies, it’s simply delicious.

This dish actually came about by accident; I made my Open Pancakes the other day and as I was eating it, I thought that the texture was just like pasta- specifically lasagne sheets. And so… View Post

 I always seem to have an issue when it comes to pancakes and wraps; they can never hold my filling. Or rather, I’m too greedy. I pile everything onto it and then spend the next… View Post

This is a twist on my Choconana Ice Cream and it has a subtle praline-like flavour- think Nutella in healthy ice cream form! It’s such a simple recipe and yet so delicious! What could be… View Post