This is the ideal breakfast for the festive period; it’s a giant spicy, zesty, warm, Christmassy hug-in-a-bowl. It’s free from refined sugars, sweeteners, gluten and dairy, it’s rich in protein and it even includes a… View Post

Mince pies make an appearance every Christmas and they’re one of my favourite festive treats. I’ve come up with my own version, with a nutritional twist – these delicious pies are free from any refined… View Post

I love mincemeat, but when I came across the ingredients of the kind you buy in supermarkets, I was appalled; the first ingredient was sugar, and glucose-fructose syrup also appeared a few times. This recipe… View Post

Hello everyone! I hosted my first ever lunch party last summer and, in fact, this was when I announced to my friends that I had a blog! I rustled up a buffet-style lunch with various… View Post

 This is my take on Millionaire’s shortbread- one of my favourite sweet treats when I was younger. The combination of that crumbly biscuit base, salty and sticky caramel layer and the rich and creamy chocolate… View Post