First of all, please forgive the appalling pun. Secondly, I decided I would be brave…It was time for me to try a new smoothie combination. As much as I love my Choconut Smoothie, I needed… View Post

This smoothie was inspired by Nutella, which I liked to dollop onto toast and porridge as a treat when I was little. After all, who doesn’t like the combination of hazelnuts and chocolate? The frozen… View Post

Smoothies have grown on me. I’m still wary of them as they can contain huge amounts of sugar (see My Thoughts on Smoothies) so I stick to the 1-portion-of-fruit-per-smoothie rule and always make sure I… View Post

This smoothie is not only a beautiful colour, but it’s also bursting with antioxidants. Beetroots are full of iron, calcium and folic acid (good for the heart), ginger is great for immunity and the cinnamon… View Post

This is a refreshing summery drink to help you keep cool on hot days – I like to think of it as a healthier version of Pimms! Add a handful of raspberries if you have… View Post