As I’ve said before, I go through breakfast phases, and at the moment it’s this one. ‘Zoats’ (zucchini-oats) are not a particularly new concept, but they are a great one. It’s an absolutely ingenious way… View Post

This smoothie is not only a beautiful colour, but it’s also bursting with antioxidants. Beetroots are full of iron, calcium and folic acid (good for the heart), ginger is great for immunity and the cinnamon… View Post

Hi everyone! This colourful curry is bursting with flavour and immune-boosting spices, and is super simple to make.  contrasting colours of the tomatoes and greens and the spicy kick that the chilli lends to it.… View Post

Breakfast is such an important meal- it gives you the energy you need to start the day and keep you going until lunch, and can affect your eating habits for the rest of the day.… View Post

This is one of my favourite breakfasts and it’s a great way to transform an otherwise dull piece of toast. It’s full of protein, healthy fats and packed with veggies, so it’s a brilliant way to… View Post